After passing your driving test (yay!), you may start thinking of buying your own car. Buying a car is never easy, and purchasing a first one at that is downright daunting. It sounds exhilarating that you will finally have your own car but the smallest mistake in this important phase will ruin the elated feeling. A car is essential, but this endeavour is worth doing – and worth doing well. So thoroughly read these tips before you go out to spend your money.

Budgeting Blues

People hate budgeting but unfortunately, it has to be done when buying a new car. Firstly, know how much you are willing to spend on your new car. By establishing an accurate budget, you can start looking for your options right away. Usually, people base this on what they can afford per month. Subtract all your expenses from your monthly earnings and see how much is left. Calculate the amount you can spend on car fuel, insurance, maintenance and payment.

Also, if you need financing to buy a new car, make sure you are not drowning in debt. Look at your assets (even if they are less) and see what you can afford. Keep in mind that whatever your car loan payment is, fuel and insurance are over and above that.

Weigh your needs

Don’t let enthusiasm cloud your judgement. Choosing a car which looks nice and is in accordance with the current trends might seem a bad decision two years down the road. Pick a model which will help you follow your daily routine without hassle. A car is a necessity that you can’t afford to change every day and hence you should approach this decision with prudence.


Online research can help you reach a decision. Look online for reviews about various cars and their models. If a car has bad reviews by unsatisfied customers, look for better alternatives. Doing research on the go can also help a lot. If you like a car at first sight, ask the owner about the specifications of the car and their experience.

Trace a suitable dealer

Going to a dealer where the salespersons make it inconvenient for you to buy a car can make you regret your decision. Compare various dealers for their locations, overall environment and the kind of service they provide. Again, look for reviews online as this can save you from a bad experience.

Test Drive

The biggest factor that can alter your decision about a car is how you feel behind the wheel. Take the car for a test drive before you finalise your choice. Judge the car in terms of seating, wheel adjustment, outward visibility, control layout and steering feel. Take your time while scrutinising the car; making haste at this crucial stage can make you choose the wrong car.

If The Price Is Right…

After picking the appropriate model, conduct research on the pricing of the make and model of the car. If you can afford a car worth £25,000, quote a price of £20,000 and slowly work your way up. Never quote a high price because it is always hard to back up from a price you quoted.

The process of picking a model and buying your first car may seem backbreaking, but know this: Car ownership can be rewarding. Making the right decision now will keep you happy for a long while.