Has your driver instructor recently told you that you are all set for the driving test? Do you feel nervous and nerve wrecked thinking about the test day? Or have you booked your test already and are only days away from the big day!

Driving tests can indeed be nerve wrecking. Holding a driving licence can mean a lot to so many people. But if you lose your confidence on the day, you may fail the test, and then you may have to reappear. We present to you some tips of keeping your nerves under control on your test day and keep your composure and display your potential as a good driver!

–          Take plenty of rest

It is important to take plenty of rest before your driving test. Make sure to take at-least 6-8 hours of sleep a night before the test. Stay relaxed and composed throughout the day. Try to relax yourself and possibly go out for a dinner and take an early evening off work.


–          On the Test Day

–          Freshen up, wear comfortable clothes and try and look confident.

–          Try and think about the good stuff you’re driving instructor has told you about your driving skills. Be confident, you’re driving instructor may have asked you to book for a test after seeing that you were now ready to appear for the test.

–          If you decided to book the test yourself, you may have enough confidence over your driving skills.

–          Try and focus on the good aspects.

–          Try and avoid any negative thoughts in your mind. Focus on the things you may do after you pass the test. Positive thinking can indeed help keep a positive attitude.

–          Drink plenty of water, keep yourself hydrated. Hydration can help you focus and stay alert throughout the test.

–          Listen to the commands of your examiner carefully. Try and focus, make sure to tell yourself you know this and can do this.

–          If you are unsure of any command you may ask for clarification.

–          Try and pay attention to what the examiner has to say. Try and keep the mood light

–          Demonstrate to your examiner that you are a careful driver.

–          Make sure you are within the speed limits. Pay attention to little details.

–          Show that you are attentive, pay attention to little detail. Take proactive measures if you see a hazard. It is important to demonstrate to your examiner that you are a mature and careful driver.

It is important to understand that keeping your nerves under control and displaying a good level of confidence can play a great role in helping you to pass your test. Celebrate if you pass your test! Go for a long drive with your loved ones or family and friends. If you fail, remember it is not the end.

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