Automatic Driving Lessons in Swindon

Thousands of people have passed with Bennetts Driving school

We have an excellent first-time pass rate.

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Automatic Driving Lessons in Swindon & all surrounding areas.

Bennetts have local instructors giving automatic driving lessons in Swindon and areas surrounding and in between.

Bennetts driving school have been teaching learner drivers in Swindon for many years. Over the years we have gained an excellent reputation and have become one of the uk’s largest driving schools.

Our automatic driving instructors in Swindon have gone through vigorous training and exams and are up to date of the highest quality of service. They are all local and have a good knowledge of the local  area.

We understand the importance of learning to drive in a safe and comfortable manner and we in still this from the first point of call through to passing your driving test ensuring you can learn to drive in our automatic cars at your own pace and are never put under too much pressure.

Our automatic driving lesson prices are £39 per hour.

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“I passed my test with Bennetts driving school after only 18 hours of lessons. My instructor was brilliant and always made me feel at ease. I would recommend Bennetts Driving School to anyone. Thanks again I am now enjoying driving in my own car and feeling confident behind the wheel.”

Sam Coates 

Our Automatic Driving Lessons In Swindon

We are one of Swindon’s leading Automatic Driving School, teaching driving to people who particularly want to drive an automatic car.

Automatic gearboxes generally were found in larger cars and vehicles and not right throughout the variety of automobiles. Innovation has now permitted there to be a much bigger choice of small to medium size cars offered in automatic.

There are numerous reasons that individuals wish to drive an automatic vehicle rather than a manual. It can be due to health reasons, just for benefit or simply that the cars and vehicles you are going to be driving is an automatic.

Our qualifed instructors have a really helpful and friendly approach to help you achieve success and get your automatic driving license.