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Driving lessons Carlisle by Bennetts is the most sure shot way to driving success. If you are in search of a high quality driving school in and around Carlisle, Bennetts is the best for you. We are much renowned, experienced and skilled driving school whose top priority is your satisfaction. Log in to www.bennettsdrivingschool.com and check us out.

Driving is one of the major aspects of our lives. Learning to drive is a breakthrough event in the lives of people which helps in attaining social freedom and better career. Finding the right driving school can be a difficult, laborious and time consuming process. Adhering to this problem, our courses are planned in such a way that it is fine tuned with your terms. As such you can have the best quality driving lessons without compromising with your daily activities. The 17 year olds are the most excited and interested to learn driving and open a new chapter in their lives. Our curriculum is well suited for such teens. Our services are also available for under 17s starting from 14 year olds but their parents need to accompany them.

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Our superior adroitness, aptitude and skill is the result of 27 years of exerting ourselves for the best. Our appetite for quality is unparalleled and therefore, has become one of the largest and most trusted driving schools in Carlisle.

The instructors are picked very selectively from among the locals and then are trained by us to ensure their diligence. They are DVSA certified and have passed enough training before they come to us.

They are authorized by CRB and also routinely monitored by us to make sure their teaching techniques are best and has all the recent additions. Also you can have your choice of male or female trainers.

We have different cars so that you can have your pick according to your necessity. All cars are in best condition and dual fitted to make your driving entertaining and free from harm. We provide courses all through the week without extra payments for evenings or weekends.

We have regular and abbreviated courses too. You can have the extra benefit of Pass Plus course after passing which teaches you to drive in motorways, at night and in any weather to help you gather more experience and save a nice amount of money in your first insurance policy.

Driving lessons Carlisle gives you some advantages:

Door to door pick up services: We totally understand the value of your time and so, we will pick you up anywhere and anytime you want and start your lessons then and there.

No car sharing with others: We do not pick up or drop off others during your teaching hours so that both the tutor and student have the attention and freedom they require.

Hazard perception and mock tests for free: Our set of randomly generated free mock test papers and a great number of videos from real life situations help you in preparing for your test with total guarantee of success.

Our pass rates are higher than other schools and our commitment, accomplishments and dexterity is well accepted and once you enroll through www.bennettsdrivingschool.com you will certainly feel the difference!

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“I passed my test with Bennetts driving school after only 18 hours of lessons. My instructor was brilliant and always made me feel at ease. I would recommend Bennetts Driving School to anyone. Thanks again I am now enjoying driving in my own car and feeling confident behind the wheel.”

Sam Coates