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Driving Lessons in Harrow & surrounding areas.

Bennetts driving school have emerged as one of the most sought after driving schools in Harrow, we have over 30 years of experience in providing driving lessons throughout the UK. All our instructors are professional, encouraging and are experts in teaching you the skills of driving.

If you are looking for driving lessons in Harrow then look no further as Bennetts has the answer for you. Many of us find the idea of getting behind the wheel for the first time a little nerve wrecking but with our driving lessons in Harrow there is no need to worry, with our knowledge and experience you will be confident in no time.

To get you started your training is generally carried out in quiet areas with as little traffic as possible, all our learner driver cars are fitted with dual controls so you can learn without the worry of any incidents as your instructor will take control if necessary. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. We aim to coach you to be a safe and confident driver for life.  

If you haven’t yet passed your theory and hazard perception test then look no further, we provide you with an online training programme absolutely free, just have a look at this link and it will take you right to it.


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1st Lesson £55 For 2 Hours

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intensive driving coursesOur Driving Lessons In Harrow offers you:

Discounts on block bookings

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Motorway tuition

Intensive Courses

Refresher courses

Dual controlled modern cars

Door to door pick up service

Text message lesson reminders

Male and Female Driving Instructors

Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons

Where is the best quietest place to start your lessons from?

Just off of Harrow View you have a few roads which are ideal to get stated on driving lessons notably in and around Longley Road turning right onto Cross Road then next right towards Hide Road. This will give you a great opportunity to change gears and do the basics manouvres. Then once confident then heading back onto Harrow View up to Headstone Gardens the turning left onto Pinner View.

What are the speed limits on the roads?

The speed limits are mostly 30 mph in the area.

Are there many big or small roundabouts in my area?

There are quite a few small roundabouts in the area but for larger roundabouts it might be worth heading towards Queensbury and Edgware, Apex Corner roundabout is very challenging.

Are there any dual carriageways?

The A40 Western Avenue and the A406 North Circular are the closest dual carriageways then over Edgware you have the A1 and A41.

What are the best times during the day to do your driving lessons?

Anytime really as it’s not the busiest of areas. The smaller roads are generally quiet most time of the day.

Are there any busy, difficult or unusual junctions?

Nothing to difficult in the area but it gets busy heading towards Wembley area.

Are there any places to practice bay parking?

In and around most of the parks they have car parks where you can practice in.

Which are my nearest theory test centres?

The nearest theory test centres are Watford, Uxbridge, then there is London Bridge (Southwark) theory test centre.

Where is my local practical test centre?

There are 4 DVSA practical test centres not too far away, Pinner is the closest followed by Greenford, Mill Hill and Hendon.

Which is the easiest test centre to do your practical driving test in my area?

Pinner is seen as the gentler of test centres with few big roundabouts and duel carriageways. Greenford, Mill Hill and Hendon have quite a few larger roundabouts and duel carriageways to contend with on the practical driving test.

About Harrow

Harrow consists of thirteen wards which include Greenhill, Harrow On the Hill, Harrow Weald, Headstone North, Headstone south, Kenton East, Kenton West, Marlborough, Rayners Lane, Roxbourne, Roxeth, Wealdstone and West Harrow. Lying approx 9.5 miles North West of Charing Cross and 5.5 miles South of Watford with a population of over 150000. The civic center building complex was built and opened in 1973 on Station Road in Wealdstone and was designed by Eric Broughton. In the 1980’s the bus station in College Road was erected and the pedestrianisation of St Ann’s Road was undertaken and in 1987 Princess Diana visited the town and opened the new St anns shopping center on St George’s Day. Harrow is considered to have one of the best independent boarding schools for boys in the world. Harrow is also home to the large University of Westminster campus located very near Northwick Park, apparently it dates back to 1897, specializing in fashion, photography and the arts.

Taking your driving test in Harrow

The nearest driving test centres in Harrow are located at the below addresses

221 Tolcarne Drive

96 Horsenden Lane North

The driving test pass rates for this test centre are between 41.8% and 45.5% over a 6 year period. When taking your driving test at the Pinner test center you will have to encounter variying road conditions and challenges including residential roads and the busy A4125.

Some famous people who were born or grew up in the London borough of Harrow include Sir Elton John, Kate Nash, Diane Abbott, Stuart Pearce and Peter Andre.

We are very pleased to be able to offer you driving lessons in Harrow, we cover these postcodes.
HA0 – Wembley Central (west), North WembleyAlpertonSudbury (south)
HA1 – HarrowHarrow on the HillNorth HarrowNorthwick Park, Sudbury (north), Sudbury Hill
A2 – North HarrowSouth Harrow, West Harrow, Rayners Lane (south)
HA3 – Harrow WealdKentonWealdstoneQueensburyBelmont (west and south)
HA4 – RuislipEastcote (west and south), South RuislipRuislip ManorRuislip Gardens
HA5 –Pinner, Eastcote (north and east), Hatch End, Rayners Lane (north), Carpenders Park
HA6 –NorthwoodNorthwood HillsMoor Park
HA7 – 
StanmoreQueensburyBelmont (north and east)

HA8 – EdgwareBurnt OakCanons ParkQueensbury
NW4 – 
HendonBrent Cross
NW7 – Mill Hill, Arkley, Edgware
NW9 – 
The HydeColindaleKingsburyWest HendonWembley ParkQueensbury
UB5-UB10 – Uxbridge and Surrounding areas

 We provide high quality Harrow driving instructors
No car sharing on all driving lessons in Harrow
Free door to door pick up service on all  Harrow driving lessons

“Tony has been amazing, couldn’t thank him enough for helping me to pass my driving test and making me feel safe and in control of the car”

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