Driving Lessons in Hitchin

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Driving Lessons in Hitchin & surrounding areas.

If you are looking for Driving Lessons Hitchin, look no further as Bennetts is here for you! Bennetts Driving School has emerged as the most sought-after driving school in the UK with over 30 years of experience in providing quality driving lessons.

Our instructors are very professional, encouraging and are experts in teaching you the various skills of driving so that you can hopefully get through your driving test the very first time. 

Why choose to Learn to drive with Bennetts?

Many of us find the idea of getting behind the wheel for the first time a bit nerve wrecking. But with Bennetts, there is no need to worry as our ADIs will hone you in the right way and prepare you so that you feel more confident.

  • All our instructors are DVSA approved and have gone through intense training and are assessed regularly to make sure that the quality of teaching is always excellent.
  • You can get picked from home, office, college or any other place at your convenience.
  • Our lessons are all 1-2-1, no piggybacking.
  • Free online theory and hazard perception training programme.

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“I have had 12-14 hours of driving experience with an instructor from a different driving school but I wasn’t learning anything so I decided to change to this driving school and now I am learning with David who is an amazing instructor. Doesn’t get angry when you make mistakes, just explains calmly where you went wrong and how to fix the mistake and will allow you to keep practicing the things that you struggle on in order to help you learn. I learnt more in my first lesson with David than I have in my 12-14 hours worth of lessons with my previous instructor. Highly recommend!”

Rahima B

“A big thank you to Phil. Very experienced and realistic instructor. His helped me develop my confidence quickly and prepared me towards passing and being a smart and good driver forever. I did refer a colleague/ family friend which he trained to pass immediately. Overall i am very, very pleased and would recommend time and time again.

Shauna C

Learn to drive in Hitchin

When learning to drive in Hitchin you will face a range of various roads.

To help you with these complicated roads you need a driving trainer who assists and instils self-confidence behind the wheel.

Bennetts Driving School believes in assisting Hitchins student drivers to pass their test as quickly and as affordably as possible, while knowingly guaranteeing they are learning at the best rate, and in a manner that best fits them.

Finding driving lessons in Hitchin doesn’t need to be tough. With the best trainer, you’ll be navigating the roads in no time. This makes us the right option for anxious learners and anybody already confident at driving in the Hitchin area.

It likewise comes from our extremely professional as well as friendly and encouraging driving instructors, alongside our fleet of regularly kept driving instruction vehicles.

This level of trust has actually gained us many fantastic testimonials from previous students in and around the Hitchin area!


Learn to drive with our affordable Hitchin driving school

Naturally, the quicker you pass your test with a dependable Hitchin driving school the more money you save!

Bennetts Driving School supplies initial offers for Hitchin learner drivers, as we want you to experience how relaxed and positive you can be with our local instructors.

We provide attractive block booking discount rates for those aiming to commit to a regular schedule of lessons.

What happens on a driving lesson?

Each driving lesson will be different and will evolve as you find out brand-new skills and progress through the learning procedure. Lessons will mostly consist of driving on the local roadways. We’ll begin in quiet locations where you can practice your driving abilities before we progress onto the main roads. We will likewise cover some of the theory and risk perception material that you will need to learn for the computer system-based tests required to book your practical driving test in Hitchin.

How many driving lessons will I require?

This will depend upon your experience, knowledge and driving skills. Your driving trainer will be able to provide you a price quote for how long it will take you to reach the standard to pass after a couple of driving lessons. 

I’m nervous about learning how to drive – can you help me?

Yes we can! We welcome nervous drivers. All of our instructors have experience in helping nervous drivers to pass their test and to ultimately enjoy driving. We offer a calm approach and will never rush students with the learning process.