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Whether it’s your first time to take the steering wheel or you are already aware of the driving techniques, with Bennetts Driving School you are a step closer to qualifying your driving test.

If you are looking for a reliable driving school in Stevenage, here is your chance to enroll with our Driving Lessons in Stevenage.

With our Approved Driving Instructors you get a positive and encouraging environment.

Bennetts Driving School have been in the business of providing driving lessons to the learners for more than 30 years and we have achieved great success in its endeavours

We provide you with driving instructors who are highly motivated, professional and endowed with excellent driving skills and knowledge which will help you to become a safe driver for life.

  • We can pick you up from home, school, work, college etc
  • We only do 1-2-1 driving lessons
  • We have a free theory & hazard perception online programme for you to use
  • Friendly call centre to answer any questions you may have.

If you haven’t yet passed your theory test please have a look at our FREE online theory & hazard perception practice test, click here to log on to it.

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“Tony was an amazing instructor who was patient as well as kind when explaining how to drive the car. His instructions as well as reassuring nature helped me pass my driving test with only one minor as well as the first time. They were/are also value for money, which seems to be a rarity these days.”

Alana S

“Did my driving lessons with Stephen and passed my test first time! He was very patient with me, would explain things very well and help keep me calm when I’d get nervous. Very happy with my lesson and would definitely recommend Stephen to anyone looking to learn to drive 🙂 “

Aleks P

Benefits of learning to drive in Stevenage with Bennettsintensive driving courses

Essential features of our Driving Lessons in Stevenage, Baldock and Royston.

Our training programs are focused on simplicity and realism. We coach you first on how to operate the vehicle. It is also essential to have the learner driving insurance.

This protects the vehicle from any damage which you might have caused without affecting the vehicle owner’s insurance. Also you need to have your provisional driving license.

The same can be applied to the Driver and Vehicle licensing Agency (DVLA). This can be applied when you are 15 years and 9 months old but it is issued only after you turn 17 and 16 in case you want t drive moped or light squad bike.

The eligible age for driving is 17. Your trainer will also ask you to read the UK DVLA (Driver and Vehicle licensing Agency) regulations license plate from a distance of 20 meters, only then can you meet the minimum eye sight criteria to be eligible to be a driver.

We provide intensive, manual and automatic training’s based on your preference. Our theory and practical classes are designed to furnish you with the most relevant information and real time experience.

We also offer our customers with special benefits like:

Discount packages.

Flexible training classes and easy pickups.

Our instructors are all tested and registered by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and are devoted in dispensing you quality service.

Here is your chance to get the best driving lessons and transform into a safe and confident driver. So enroll with us now and experience the difference.

Road accident incidents have been increasing at an alarming rate in the UK. Hundreds of families have lost their loved ones due to someone else’s reckless driving.

In such case even the driver stands the chance to lose his/her life. Hence it becomes our responsibility to educate you on the various road safety parameters.

Together with this it also becomes your responsibility to drive safely and cautiously. Our trained instructors carry out interactive and contemporary lectures on these safety measures.

Nearest Driving Test Centre to Stevenage


DVSA Stevenage Driving Test Centre

3 Drapers Way,

Test Centre information: Steep stepped access to first floor of Stevenage Driving Test Centre. Special arrangements to be made for candidates with disability issues. No toilets available. Please note that due to parking restrictions you need to Park and leave your accompanying driver with your car, take the token with you to the test centre. You may only park 5 minutes before the test or a charge will apply to you.

Taking a driving test in Stevenage

During the driving test from Stevenage Driving exam Centre, many challenging and different roadways will be taken. Typically driving beyond Stevenage itself will result in rural country roads, villages and perhaps high-speed ‘A’ roadways such as the A602 double carriageway.

In Stevenage, the driving test examiner will anticipate a high requirement of driving, regard for others and security in most significant traffic systems. Expect all periphrastic types, junctions and crossroads.

The driving test from Stevenage Driving exam Centre typically takes you to quieter suburbs, typically used for test manoeuvres of which among the possible four will be requested. The locations are likewise to test your ability for meeting vehicles whilst browsing parked lorries and passing distances. The test paths are compiled by the inspectors who conduct the tests at each specific test centre.

Test routes are assembled to make use of as lots of different road types and traffic systems as possible. Test routes typically include hard parts and by gaining an understanding of the paths provides important insight into what to anticipate on the test. Rest assured your Bennetts driving instructor will have you proficient with all these test routes to help you on the day of your driving test.