Driving Lessons in Taunton

That’s why thousands of people have passed with Bennetts Driving school

We have an excellent first-time pass rate.

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Driving Lessons in Taunton & all surrounding areas.

Bennetts Driving School imparts superior training and has branches all over the UK. For driving lessons Taunton and its adjoining areas, contact us and we would provide you with a thorough training on driving that would build your confidence and assist you in getting a driving license in the first attempt.

To know more about us, you can log on to www.bennettsdrivingschool.com and you would get all the relevant information that you need.

Once you enroll for a training session we would pick you up from wherever you are, whether from your door step, college or office. We understand that you have a busy schedule and therefore we provide you the training at a time that suits you the best. Our training is available for seven days a week and we do not charge anything extra to train you during the weekend.

It is usually the teenagers who are mightily impatient to learn to drive and we have trainers who are proficient enough to train them so that they get their license without much difficulty. The license is given only when you are seventeen years and above but we train them even at the age of fourteen if accompanied by the parents.

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2 Lessons
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intensive driving courses

Our driving school has an experience of over thirty years in training the citizens of the UK the art of driving and we provide male or female instructors if you have a preference.

Our instructors are well versed with the theoretical and practical aspects of driving lessons and they are amicable and patient enough to tailor the session according to your specific needs and proclivities.

For driving lessons Taunton and areas around, we provide you with the instructors who are a local of Bristol and know the area well.

Once you enroll yourself for the training session, you would be asked to read the DVSA manual from twenty meters away to check your eyesight and if you find it difficult you would be asked to check your eyesight and if needed wear spectacles.

The trainer would take you to a less crowded place and would start your training with instructions about the dashboard and cockpit control. You may feel nervous at the first attempt but that is completely natural.

You need not worry about it. The cars that we use for our instructions are fitted with dual control so that your instructor will always be at the helm to protect you in case of any untoward incident.

As you slowly learn the nuances of driving you will gain confidence and eventually find yourself in command of your steering wheel, happy and independent and ready to take on the road.

As you get your license, you would be grateful to your instructor for assisting you to acquire one of the essential skills of life. Our driving school at Bristol has the highest pass rate and we even provide advanced training after you get the license.

“I passed my test with Bennetts driving school after only 18 hours of lessons. My instructor was brilliant and always made me feel at ease. I would recommend Bennetts Driving School to anyone. Thanks again I am now enjoying driving in my own car and feeling confident behind the wheel.”

Sam Coates