Driving Lessons in Tunbridge Wells

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Driving Lessons in Tunbridge Wells & surrounding areas.

Bennetts Driving School have emerged as the most sought after driving schools in the UK with over 30 years of experience in providing top quality driving lessons.

All of our instructors in Tonbridge and surrounding areas are experts in teaching you all the skils you need to pass your driving test and to make you a happy safe driver for life  so if you are looking for excellent value for money then look no further as Bennetts are here for you. 

When taking your driving lessons in Tonbridge we will use test routes to practice on as you will be taking one of those routes on your driving test.

These roads are partcularly complex as you will be dealing with crossroads such as Albion Road & king George V hill, mini roundabouts like Sandhurst Road and Goods Station Road on the A26, rest assured that our driving instructors will have you ready. 

The test center is located at:
8 Upper Grosvenor Road
Tunbridge Wells


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Getting Started – The First Road to Driving

There are certain rules and regulations implemented by The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). You will need to abide by these laws when you are driving. You need to keep the following points in mind before you start taking driving lessons:

 The vehicle that you will be driving should be appropriate for your age and properly taxed, insured and roadworthy. You will need to put ‘L’ plates on the front and back of the vehicle; in a place it is easily visible.

 You are allowed to drive only with someone who has passed the driving test, is 21 years or above and has been driving for 3 or more years. Our experienced ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors) have sound knowledge of the UK traffic rules and regulations.

 You need to get your provisional driving license at first before you can start learning to drive otherwise your driving instructor will not be able to let you get behind the wheel. Your instructor will ask you to read a UK DVLA regulation license plate from 20 meters away to test your eyes and ensure you are fit to drive.

 Keep a copy of the Highway Code in hand to familiarise yourself with the UK traffic rules and regulations and to get an idea of what various road signs stand for.

“I passed my test with Bennetts driving school after only 18 hours of lessons. My instructor was brilliant and always made me feel at ease. I would recommend Bennetts Driving School to anyone. Thanks again I am now enjoying driving in my own car and feeling confident behind the wheel.”

Sam Coates