Road accidents are always as a result of someone’s incompetency or carelessness on the road. It is a bare fact if all drivers were careful then there would be very minimal road accidents. But since this is a very hypothetical situation, you have to take care and always drive defensively so that you have the ability to literally spot accidents before they occur and avoid getting involved in them. Here are few tips to help you achieve this while on the road.

Avoid distraction

While driving on the road, avoid anything that can make you lose your concentration on the wheels. Known culprits are things like loud music, cell phones, eating while driving, etc. It only takes a second to cause and accident and just a slight distraction is enough to make you lose control and wreck the car.

Manage Speed

Different cars have different capabilities when it comes to speed management. As a driver, no matter the kind of car you are driving, ensure that you drive at speeds that you can manage to safely control the car in case of any emergency.

Don’t follow too closely

Never follow too closely behind the car the car in front of you. Allow around 4 seconds of buffer time. This will give you adequate time to react in the event that the driver ahead of you makes an emergency stop or it can allow you adequate space to make your way out in case of an attack from behind.

High Eyes driving

This simply means that you should always focus on the horizon and not on the bumper of the car in front of you or the immediate space in front of your car. Don’t drive as if you are being instructed to driver by the car in front of you such that if they brake, you also step on your brakes. High eyes driving will give you the chance to see what is happening in the road ahead of you and make you prepare adequately in times of emergencies.

Take Note of Fast Lane changers

If you are not a fast lane changer, then you should be able to spot such fast lane changers. They are known to drive carelessly in and out of traffic and in most cases they are responsible for the accidents that happen in the highways. Taking note of them will make you not to collide with them.

Always wear your seat belts

Seat belts are known to save lives in terms of collisions. Make it your habit to always have your seat belts on while driving. You should take it as a necessity rather than a legal requirement to have your belts on.

These are just a few of the defensive driving tips but there are several other that you should take note of. For instance, extra caution is needed while driving in bad weather and it goes without saying that you should never drunk drive. Stay safe while on the road and reach your destination alive.