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Driving Lessons in Swindon & all surrounding areas.

If you are looking for high-quality driving lessons in Swindon and its neighbouring areas, look no further than Bennetts Driving Schools.

We are a highly reputed and experienced driving school which is committed to giving you the best and most effective driving lessons.

The ability to drive has now become a prerequisite of the modern aspect of life. But finding the driving school best suited to your needs can be tiring, and troublesome and lead to a wastage of time and energy.

Bennetts fully acknowledges these difficulties and that is why our courses are prepared and adapted keeping the personal specifications of each and every student in perspective. 

Bennetts has been offering driving lessons for the last 30 years. Our devotion, expertise and will to work hard have made us one of the most distinguished, highly acclaimed, and one of the larger driving schools around Swindon.

Our instructors are selected meticulously, trained perfectly and therefore, their methods of teaching are effective and admirable.

All the instructors are locals and have good knowledge of Swindon and its adjoining areas. Each and every instructor is DVSA certified and has passed intensive training.

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Taking Driving Lessons Swindonintensive driving courses

Furthermore, they are routinely assessed and are totally DBS scrutinized to ensure their methods are the best and include all the recent developments. We have various types of cars so that you can choose the one best suited to your needs. Our cars are in perfect condition and dual fitted to ensure your safety.

We have weekly courses as well as condensed courses with no extra charges for evenings and weekends. After passing the test, young drivers can avail our Pass Plus course which includes night, motorway and all weather driving specially devised to help you garner more experience and save a good sum on your first insurance policy.

Our Driving lessons in Swindon gives you the following benefits

No car sharing: We do not propose sharing one car and teaching more than one student at a time. One car for one student at a specific time so that the instructor can give his/her full attention to each and every student.

Free benefits of Hazard Perception Mock Test and Theory: We contribute your study materials. We regularly conduct mock tests for theory and hazard perception. We have a great collection of randomly created mock test papers and video clippings taken from real-life instances which you will find extremely helpful.

Door to door services: You can start your driving lessons anywhere and anytime you specify and we will be there to pick you up.  

At Bennetts, we pride ourselves of our tutoring approaches which are reflected in higher pass rates than other schools. We are a friendly, expert and well trained establishment that is pledged to give you the best lessons framed to agree with your routine. 

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“I passed my test with Bennetts first time. I cannot reccomend them enough for anyone looking for a professional school to learn. to drive with.”

Lisa. F – Swindon

Practical Driving Test Centre In Swindon

The practical driving test centre in Swindon is located at the address below.



1 Fenn Close,

When taking your driving test in Swindon you will be faced with a multitude of challenges. Don’t worry your driving instructor will have prepped you for all the challenges and you will be familiar with the test routes before taking your driving test in Swindon.


There’s a range of mini- and multi-lane roundabouts in the vicinity of Swindon test centre, so be prepared for at least a few of them to feature on your route. The examiner will likely take you around the town centre and at least one of the nearby A roads. Though the M4 is nearby, it will not feature on your test. 

How do I start learning to drive?

To begin your driving lessons, you must be no younger than 17 years of age and have a provisional driving license.

You can get a provisional license by going to the GOV.UK website and completing an online application. You can also get a D1 form from your local post office and complete and send that off. It can take up to 2 weeks for a provisional driving license to reach you after you apply.


What should I bring along with me for my first lesson?

A provisional driving licence is an absolute must have as your instructor will take some notes from it.

You will be required to do a quick eyesight check (just like you would on a driving test, but less formal), if you need to wear glasses or find it easier to use contacts – we suggest you bring them along too.

Do you have automatic driving instructors in Swindon?


Yes, we have both manual and automatic driving instructors available in Swindon. With our driving school in Swindon you will find options to suit everyone, no matter what your needs or abilities are. We recommend that all learners start in a manual car, as if you pass in a manual you can drive both a manual and automatic car, however, if you pass in an automatic you will not be permitted to drive a manual vehicle. If you start your lessons in a manual car and find that it’s not for you, you can switch to automatic lessons at any point throughout your learning. Of course, if you have your heart set on just taking automatic lessons, we will be happy to accommodate this.

How many driving lessons I need to take until I pass?

There are no minimum or maximum amount of hours tuition you must complete before you take a driving test. Everyone is different. According to DVSA statistics the average amount of lessons to be test ready is between 35 and 40 hours.