Most of us who give a driving test think they gave their best. We may not notice but the slightest of errors can result in failure. A lack of planning and judgement can cause a candidate to commit mistakes. Apart from controlling the vehicle, you also need to be aware of what’s happening around you on the road. Being observant of your surroundings can help you act in time before you are awarded negative marks on your test. Being nervous can also lead to trouble. If you give in to nervousness, you may do things you normally abstain from. This can alert the examiner and you may fail if you don’t get a grip on your nerves. Here is a list of explanations why people fail their driving tests and how you can avoid them. Inappropriate speed: The test taker should be able to drive at a suitable speed according to the road and should not hold up traffic. Driving too slowly is marked as a fault and is a common reason why people are failed in their tests. Lack of control of the steering: Steering control is vital; the speed at which you are driving has to be kept in mind before you start to steer. The control of the car and road position also has to be maintained. Hitting the curb while you’re steering is a bad blunder. Turn in the road: The test taker should be able to carry this task out with good control of the car and a complete observation of the surroundings. A check also needs to be kept on the rear view mirror when you’re reversing. This step is often missed which makes this a common cause of failure. Wrong Positioning: The car must always be in the precise position for the direction you intend to take. While looking out for road markings and signs, get in the correct lane early when necessary. Reversing around a corner: During some exercises, the examiner will ask you to reverse into a side road on the left. Observe all around and stay close to the curb. You should take care to not go too wide or hit the curb. Use of indicators: Failing to send a signal correctly is one of the top most reasons for failing the test. The timing of the signal is essential. Apply a signal only when you need it. Doing it for no reason or giving a confusing signal is also off beam. Using mirrors: The biggest reason for failing a driving test is inappropriate use of mirrors. Look into the mirrors before speeding up or down or before changing the direction of the car. You should check the interior and door mirrors and act accordingly. Reverse Parking: This is a classic parking manoeuvre and messing this one up can make the examiner think you don’t know how to drive. Thorough observation must be made and you should correct yourself if the need be. Moving away securely: Your inability to move off without checking properly or lack of full control can create a problem. Check the mirrors and blind spots thoroughly. The main thing is that drivers around you should not change their speed or direction. Observe at junctions: The most important reason why people fail their driving tests is the lack of ample observations at junctions to make decisions appropriately. You must not try to overtake cars; making haste should be the last of your worries. Take your time and make sure that the drivers around you don’t change their speed or direction because of you.