We all at some point or the other you would have had to take driving lessons or would be interested in taking driving lessons and giving your driving test. It can be a daunting experience for many. Some people pass the driving test in their first attempt, however many struggle to pass their tests in 3 or 4 attempts. We present you some quick tips to ensure that you can pass the driving test.

  1. Choose a good driving school

Choosing to learn to drive from a good driving school such as Bennetts Driving School is important to ensure that you can be trained from qualified and experienced instructors. A good driving school ensures that they have certain best practices and take certain quality assurance measures to make sure that you get the best tuition.

  1. Ask Questions to your driving instructors

Whilst you are learning to drive, driving instructors will go through a number of questions that may come up on your exam day. They will also cover different topics and may also give you a mock-up quiz. However it is important that you also put in as much effort in as your instructor. Remember to ask for clarifications, ask questions and let them know if you are not confident about a specific manoeuvre. The more you practice the better it is. Highlighting your concerns earlier on with your driving instructor can make sure that they cover your weak points with you and turn them into your strengths.

  1. Observing other drivers

Try and learn from other drivers by observing their driving skills. Even when you are not behind the steering wheel, try and see how different drivers approach the road and learn from their good judgement and point out errors to learn.

  1. Driving test routes:

Driving instructors know a few routes examiners usually select on the test day. Try and use these routes as much as you can. Driving instructors also usually cover trick questions whilst tutoring you. Remember to practice as much as you can on these routes as they will give you a lot of confidence on the test day.

  1. Stay calm and composed 

Staying calm and composed can really help you on your test day. But remember to always keep your composure on the road. Even if you pass the test try and become a safe driver for your safety and that of the others.

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