Technological breakthroughs are being made in every sphere. Be it in the area of food or sports, these inventions help us make our lives easier. Same goes for driving; earlier, only ad campaigns were used to get the message across, now technological advancements are being used to prevent accidents. Manufacturers are trying to push down the number of road accidents that happen every single day.

For instance, an adaptive cruise control device helps maintain a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front. In the event of the car in front braking suddenly, the device reacts faster than the driver and the car will  be slowed down to a halt. With the effective use of cameras and sensors, this device could prevent vehicle clashes and avoid road accidents.

The camera of this device will also monitor the driver’s behaviour. If the person behind the wheel is lethargic, i.e. they are blinking excessively; the system will prompt the driver to take a coffee break. On the other hand, to reduce drunk driving, some manufacturers are working on a system that prevents the car from starting in the case of an inappropriate reading on the breathalyser.

Yet another invention is a new lighting system which does not dazzle other drivers. This lighting system will prevent road accidents caused by blinding the other driver with excessive light. The light beam is adaptable to the environment. For instance, if a car comes from the front, the lights will automatically lessen their intensity to avoid affecting the other driver’s eyes.

Usually, GPS is used by drivers for navigation and traffic alerts. GPS also allows the owners to track their car if it is stolen. The device can also alert the owner if a new driver is behind the wheel. Fleet owners can also monitor their staff and note the practices and routes of delivery drivers. They can then alter a route to achieve efficiency by reducing the time consumed.

Using a cell phone while driving can jeopardise the safety of the driver and other vehicles. Hands free technology has been introduced which allows drivers to interact with people without taking their eyes of the road.

Can all this technology worsen driver skills?

From texting while driving to watching a DVD on the go, accidents are caused by reasons that would have seemed unfathomable years ago. With increased technology inside the car, drivers are now more distracted, say some people.

For instance, the cruise control gadget mentioned above may distract the driver. If the Lane Departure Warning System has been activated, the alarm goes off every time the car moves out of the lane. Could this make the driver panicky every time the alarm goes off?

The emergency breaking system we have talked about before in this article uses sensors to gauge the proximity of the vehicle ahead. The device is automatic, this means it can detect external factors and take decisions on its own. In short, the driver has given up some control of the car to a device. The dangerous part about this is that the driver may start to rely too heavily on the gadget and loosen his control on the vehicle. People fear that the driver would lose vigilance not only in this, but other areas as well.

Do you believe that this technology helps secure the people in a car? Or does it worsen the skills of a driver?

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