Every year in the UK almost 800,000 ‘unlucky’ people fail their driving tests and that number is only going to rise if the latest stats have anything to do with it. So when you decide to learn to drive, or perhaps switch your driving instructor, you should ensure that you make your new choice for all the right reasons. This short article will offer you 5 proven tips to help you pick the right man or woman for this vital role.

Step One – Check Out Your Choices

Unless you are living in a major city, your options may well be restricted to who is available in your particular neck of the woods. An easy way to find out who teaches driving in your vicinity is to use Google and see whose who when the results stack up. You can also dig into the old Yellow Pages or perhaps your local magazine will have some adverts that do the trick. Just remember that not all driving instructors have arrived in the 21st century yet and may still rely on old school marketing methods.

Step Two – How Much?

Driving lesson prices have always risen in accordance to the economy and you’ll be best advised to look at these before you even think about booking a driving school or instructor. If you notice that one instructor is way cheaper than the nearest competition, look a little closer before giving them a call. You should find that most schools and instructors’ prices are in the same ball park and they may also offer a chunky discount for block bookings.

Step Three – How Good?

Okay if you ask the driving instructors how good they are, they’ll all tell you the same thing – ‘I’m awesome!’ So the best way to get a clear view on this subject is to look at official benchmarks. The Driving Standards Agency used to award grades, every few years from ungraded to Grade 6. Since 7th April 2014 things have changed, driving instructors are now assessed and marked with a fail, grade B or grade A.


The score 0-30 will have been achieved and the instructor has not performed a suitable ability to teach.

Grade B

A score of 31-42 will gain a grade B. You’ll stay on the ADI instructor register and have shown an efficient and capable ability to instruct.

Grade A

A mark of 43-51 will show the instructor has shown a great ability in all aspects of teaching and instruction.


Step Four – The Car is the Star?

All cars were not created equal and when it comes to taking those first tentative steps, or miles, you need a car that fits you like a glove. Ask your potential instructors about their car. You should be lookin g for a new model that has dual controls. Something small enough for you to to handle without stressing out, plus a smaller engine that allows you a decent amount of control are both great benchmarks.

Step Five – Personality

Remember that you are going to be spending a considerable amount of time with your chosen driving instructor so you had better be able to get on with them. You should get a feel for the way these professionals go about their business and most of them will have seen enough nervous learners to be able to make you relax effectively!


Far more people pass every year than the ones who fail, and you could join this number as long as you follow these tips and give 100% when you get behind the wheel – Good Luck!