It’s always the joy for every teen to own a vehicle or at least own a driving license. But the issue of teen drivers is very crucial and as a parent, before you buy your teenage kids a car or you let them drive your cars, it’s important that you prepare them both physically and psychologically for the driving experience. It’s not just enough to take them to driving schools and after that hand them cars. Teenage is a very challenging stage and you need to take all precautions as a parent to ensure that your teenage son or daughter will not abuse the opportunity to drive. Here are some tips to get you along.

Involve your teens in the car maintenance

Teens are always curios to learn and explore new things. Engage them when you are doing routine maintenances to your car i.e. while checking on the levels of oil and water, while changing spares wheels etc. Let them actively take part in such processes and as you do so, tell them the importance of every car maintenance practice you do. Also teach them on how to listen to the car sounds and how to detect if the engine is giving an abnormal sound. Hand them over the manufacturer manual so they can explore and see the different functionalities of the car.

Other practices such as cleaning the car, adding the gas or even adding pressure to the tires should also be taught. If the teenager has some small income through working or a part time job, challenge them to purchase insurance for the family car. This will increase their sense of responsibility and prepare them to become good drivers in the future.

Teach them the relevant traffic rules

While driving around with your teen, teach them on the driving laws and the traffic regulations that are relevant in your region. Try to explain some of the actions you take as you drive, for instance why you had to stop in front of certain signs or how you go about parking. You should also teach them on how to respond during emergencies such as accidents and what details they need to take during such emergencies.

They are responsible for their passengers and road users

While you prepare your teen for driving, you have to impart in them the fact that they will be responsible for the safety of their passengers as well as that of other road users. Teens can be a bit reckless and irresponsible and can cause unnecessary accidents. Make them know that it is not easy living with guilt from such a tender age and they have to take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of everyone while they drive.