What things to check before you go

When it is hot outside  the pressure in your tyre’s will increase slightly, the changes should be minimal and won’t affect the handling unduly but always make sure your tyre pressures are correct before you leave ensuring safety at all times.

Make sure you have a sufficient amount of Oil in your car, as most commonly known it lubricates your engine but also cools the engine down.

Check your coolant levels. Coolant is of course vitally important in hot weather because if your engine overheats it can do a lot of damage and can cause hefty bills and in some cases it can turn into a write off.

Keep a bottle of water stored in your vehicle perhaps in the glovebox or boot  and get to know the ‘ideal’ operating temperature of your engine by checking the temperature gauge for the first 10 minutes of your journey. If you happen to get stuck in a traffic queue, be aware of the temperature gauge as it may rise and show signs of overheating.

If your car does begin to overheat then find somewhere safe to pull over, let the car cool down and rest for 30 minutes or so before then topping up your radiator as this will give it chance to cool down.

The water in your vehicle cooling system will get extremely hot and also can be under pressure so avoid topping it up straight away. If you can’t pull over straight away opening the windows and turning on the heater may help for a short while in finding a safe place to pull over.

Keep in mind that your engines radiator relies on air flow (ie. the car moving.) to keep the engine cool, so if you are stuck in traffic  it will be worthwhile switching off your engine while you are waiting for the traffic to ease.


Keep alert

Long journeys on a hot day can prove very tiring. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and don’t become dehydrated, try keeping a cool bag in the car with enough drink for a few hours. As always allow enough time on your journey for breaks to refresh and if your feel drowsy open the windows up, some of fresh air may do the trick.


Using the Air Conditioning system

If you have air conditioning remember that it will not work effectively if you have any windows open. Also if you are in a traffic jam don’t forget that using your air conditioning will make you use up to 20% more fuel so if you are running low, it might be idea to turn it off and open the windows instead.

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