Many people choose to learn to drive in an automatic car. Whilst, it may carry advantages for those who already have an automatic car and/or would like to buy one for their use, it can also have disadvantages. It is important to weigh your options and give it due consideration if you would like to learn to drive using a manual or an automatic car. This article suggests a few advantages and disadvantages for you.

  1. Learning to drive on an automatic car removes the worry of you having to change the gear. Many pupils learning to drive on a manual car find it really difficult to change gears.
  2. Automatic car takes your worry away of changing gears on hilly roads so you can relax and focus more on other aspects than to change gears.
  3. You may learn to drive quicker as you don’t have to worry about the gears and can focus more on learning the manoeuvres.
  4. On the downside, if you learn to drive on an automatic car you will need to apply for another licence to drive a manual car. However, if you do choose to learn on a manual car, you do not need another one for automatic car.
  5. Automatic car consumes more fuel than a manual car, so in the long-run it may cost you more money.
  6. Pupils driving manual cars suggest that they have better control of their car than of an automatic car as it lets them analyse the road around them and change the gears accordingly.
  7. Some critics also argue that learning to drive on an automatic car makes you less aware of your surroundings.

Whether you choose to learn using an automatic or a manual car, remember that you are safe and sound on the road. Try and stay alert and don’t drive if you are feeling sleepy or tired. It is important to take yours and others safety concerns into account.

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